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Welcome to the online resource center for the "ocean's most sought after treasure", the Conch Pearl. Here you can find all the information on this rare natural beauty, browse the gallery, shop for pearls and exclusively designed jewelry or find links to gem designers and dealers worldwide.

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We have been in the business of buying and selling rare conch pearls for over ten years. We work globally with the Fisheries department to provide proper documentation for export in relation to the use of C.I.T.E.S. We travel the Caribbean in search of these natural pearls and seek out the world's top jewelers and collectors to showcase the conch pearl. We invite you to become part of our contact list so we can inform you of upcoming lot sales, general conch pearl information and upcoming events. Please contact us at the contact link below and thank you for visiting our site.

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There has been some recent promising work done out of Florida Atlantic University that has resulted in success in some seeding methods. However, commercial cultivation seems to be far down the road. Therefore, they are extremely rare and valuable. Although estimates vary, it is commonly believed that only one in 10,000 conchs produce a pearl and that less than 10 percent of these are of gem quality. Collectors depend on fisherman to collect the pearls as a by product of the Queen Conch. With the increasing decline of the conch population and at the first mention of C.I.T.E.S. fishing guidelines, the pearls are becoming harder to come by. This enhances and increases their value and makes it a great time to invest in conch pearls. Many world class jewelers are creating their designs using these rare, natural conch pearls. Please visit our facts and jewelry page for additional information.

Click here for the website for the Strombus Gigas Alliance.

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